Harmonia Services

HARMONIA strive to make your entire surgical experience as smooth as possible by coordinating international consultations, surgeries and follow-ups within a short period of time. We work closely with all of our international patients to ensure that we are able to give and receive as much information well in advance of your visit to Istanbul.

It is advised that you fly in at least one day before the procedure day. This day will include meeting with your assigned surgeon during a scheduled appointment, completing all of the required forms, check-ups, blood tests and taking pre-operative photographs.

Please be advised that surgical patients may need help in the early hours following surgery, it is therefore strongly recommended that the patient have a companion at discharge from the surgery center (see After Care section).

There are many choices for accommodation in Istanbul.

HARMONIA offers Package Services inclusive of accommodation and the surgery together with flights (optional). Please visit Harmonia Packages for more details.


There are two airports to choose from:

Istanbul Ataturk Aerodrome (IST)
10 km and approximately 15 minutes from Harmonia network hospitals and treatment centers

Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (SAW)
60km and approximately 90 minutes from Harmonia network hospitals and treatment centers.

New Istanbul Airport (Will be opened on October 25th, 2018)
56km and approximately 60 minutes from Harmonia network hospitals and treatment centers

There are regular flights to this fascinating city, and with a choice of three (after Oct 25th, 2018) airports, there's no shortage of bookings. The main airport is 23 km south of the city and handles scheduled international flights to Istanbul, while Sabiha Gokcen, on the Asian side of the city, is mainly used by low cost carriers. This airport is situated further away from the city, so it's not as convenient for quick access to the centre.


Taxicabs and rental cars are readily available at each of the surrounding airports. If you prefer, we can arrange for personal car service upon your arrival or you may purchase a Harmonia Package which includes this service.


HARMONIA arranges your hotel accommodation for the period that you will remain in Istanbul. Our network hotels are within 10 to 20 minutes of driving distance to our network hospitals. You may also choose to arrange your accommodation on your own. For your ease, our Useful Links may help you find alternatives to stay in Istanbul.

After Care

HARMONIA can also arrange your aftercare. You are required to have a companion following your procedure. The companion will take you back to your hotel and help take care of your post-surgical needs.

We offer two levels of companion service:

  1. Standard bilingual assistant service with a non-licensed, non-medical person
  2. A licensed, registered nurse

Although for a healthy individual, standard companion service should be adequate, for some procedures or surgeries, you may need a medical companion. If you elect to have a non-licensed, non-medical companion, you must sign a waiver stating that the individual is only present as an escort/companion and not providing medical services in any way. Costs for companion/nurse services are extra, and you will be responsible to pay the individual who will take care of you directly.

HARMONIA Packages cover this sevice option - please goto Harmonia Packages for further information.

You may decline this service if you are traveling with a companion.

Length of Stay

The length of stay after surgery will vary depending on the procedure recommended to you. Please visit Procedures pages for more information.