Founder & Managing Director

15 years of well-rounded experience in marketing, shipping, international finance, customer relations and trade compliance has placed Didem in prime position to act successfully as Harmonia’s Managing Director of International Patients. Being Harmonia’s founder doesn’t hurt either, as Didem has carried her vision all the way from inception to her current role, where she implements the very things she’s envisioned for the company since day one. With that said, it is Didem’s advanced interest and skill in leading technologies and patient satisfaction, along with her unending energy for perfecting Harmonia’s caring strategy that has elevated the practice above all others.

Having graduated from Instanbul University’s Department of Biology and obtained her masters in International Management, Didem’s extensive education matches her impressive accolades.

Didem credits her way of thinking – observing like a scientist but acting like a businesswoman – in keeping up with the latest trends and technologies in order to make for the best experience possible for each and every one of Harmonia’s patients.

Please note, the first video in which Didem speaks about medical tourism has English subtitles and the second video in which Didem speaks at the World Tourism Forum is in English.