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Dilek aus Istanbul erkl�rt, �ber seine Madonna Behandlung

Mini armlift with laser liposuction testimonial

Laser scar revision procedure and a patient testimonial

Gynecomastia Surgery Review from Italy

I would love to leave a positive comment on Dr Turker Ozyigit and his staff. Recently Ihad a Gynecomastia Surgical Procedure that I had to plan months ago because I come from Italy. The Acibadem Hospital, where the surgery has been performed, is like a 5 star hotel and all the staff inside is very professional. Dr Turker is always ready to reply to every kind of question (before, during and after the procedure) and he is a very qualified and serious professionist. His wife and assistant Didem is always taking care about patients and always find out the best solution to assist foreigners patients. I do recommend this service because it is safe and very qualified and made according with the best and newest tecniques available (laser assisted and mini-invasive surgery).


Breast Implant Surgery

Hej alle Jer Der går med et ? om at få lavet silikone bryster under musklen.

Jeg er en kvinde p� 30 �r som bor i danmark. Og som er blevet opereret i April 2014 i Tyrkiet/ Istanbul. F�rst og fremmest vil jeg fort�lle om hvordan jeg besluttede mig for at f� silikone bryster. Jeg havde det ikke s�rlig godt med mig selv fordi jeg ingen bryster havde efter jeg tabte mig og en mislykket graviditet. Jeg unders�gte i over 2 m�neder hvordan og hvor ledes det hele foregik selvf�lgelig fra internettet. Jeg fandt en l�ge som jeg aftalte dato og tidspunkt via mail s� jeg var sikker p� at jeg havde god til til operation og unders�gelse inden jeg skulle vende tilbage til danmark. Jeg tog afsted og var s���� nysgerrig, nerv�s, sp�ndt, bange og alle tankerne k�rte bare. S� var jeg hos manden der forandrede mit liv L�ge T�rker �zyigit. Jeg var nerv�s til at starte med og vidste ikke rigtig hvad jeg skulle starte med at sp�rge osv. Men tro mig jeg n�ede ikke at sp�rge om s�rlig meget da L�gen T�rker fortalte ALT b�de f�r operationen, efter og hvad jeg ikke m�tte, og hvorn�r jeg ville kunne komme tilbage p� arbejd, hvorn�r brysterne ville falde p� plads og forsikringen da man f�r en mappe med det hele i h�nden osv. S� starter den stoooore dag p� sygehuset. Jeg fik fuld bed�velse selvf��lgelig :). Operationen er slut og jeg er tilbage p� mit v�relse hvor jeg skal slappe af. Jeg husker ikke s�rlig meget da jeg var godt bed�vet. Jeg havde selvf�lgelig ondt og det er jo meget normalt. Efter 1-2 dage blev jeg sendt hjem (til min mormor som bor i Istanbul ). Jeg fik pencilin og smertestillende piller. Da jeg s� min bryster t�nkte jeg hmmm er det her virkelig mig. De var h�vede og jeg t�nkte �hh nej h�ber ikke de bliver s�dan hehe :). Efter et par dage var jeg til kontrol og alt var fint og jeg m�tte godt vende tilbage til danmark. Fly turen var h�rdt men det gik. Jeg fik min veninde til at hj�lpe mig med at tage alt ned fra skabene s� jeg ikke skulle l�fte mine arme, ikke fordi jeg havde ondt men fordi l�gen havde sagt jeg skulle holde mig i ro i et stykke tid. L�gen T�rker fortalte mig at jeg skulle massere begge bryster hver dag. Jeg tror jeg masserede i 14 dage, kan ikke lige huske pr�cis. Der gik cirka 2 m�neder inklusiv operation og til den dag jeg blev frisk igen.Tadaaaa s� var jeg frisk, faldet heeelt p� plads og kunne badeee :). Mine bryster blev s�� fine og bl�de. Man kan slet ikke se jeg overhovedet er blevet opereret, dejligt. Jeg er rigtig lykkelig over at have kendt en l�ge som T�rker. Han er flink, rar, venlig, hj�lpsom, s�d, arbejder meget ren, omhyggelig, sjov og �rlig. Jeg vil anbefale ham da jeg selv er blevet opereret af ham. Og jeg vil aldrig nogen sinde tage til andre l�ger hvis jeg skulle have en anden form for operation. Hvis man er fra udlandet og t�nker p� hvordan man skal holde kontakten med l�gen, s� er det meget nemt. jeg holdte kontakten via mail hvor jeg skrev til ham og spurgte ind til hvorn�r jeg m�tte skifte sports bh og hvorn�r jeg pr�cis skulle stoppe med massage osv. Han er hurtig til at svare og behandler patienter rigtig godt. Jeg var p� ferie for 14 dage siden og bes�gte ham og blev kontrolleret. Alt var super og jeg fik lov til at se min f�r billeder. S���� jeg vil sige Tuuuusind Tak igen til ham fordi han har gjort mig s� lykkelig og jeg har f�et min selvtillid tilbage :).

Hilsen Den Lykkelige kvinde

Sibel from Denmark
Jan 2015

Overall Rating


02 November 12 - "Endoscopic Facelift, blephoraplasty " Kelley � Afghanistan


11 September 12 - "Excellent service" Rim � Kuwait


28 June 12 - " Laparascopic sleeve gastrectomy - excellent!" Kelly � Turkey


24 June 12 - "Titan, Botox, other skin laser" Caroline � Tanzania


12 Mar 12 - 98% " I had a wonderful experience" Rahim � Canada


29 Mar 12 - 100% " Facelift surgery" - Judy - US


29 Mar 12 - 100% " Facelift surgery" - Judy - US

Gynecomastia Surgery, Abdominal Liposuction and Hair Transplant

I am writing this review 2 weeks after my procedure. i had multiple procedures done by Dr. Turker Ozyigit, needless to say that i am quite happy with the results so far. The communication was professional right from the start, everything was coordinated over emails and I was picked up from the airport on time by Didem Ozyigit on the day of my arrival. i was taken to the clinic to have my initial consultation. i had a very detailed discussion with Dr. Ozyigit and I found him to be extremely courteous and friendly. all of my questions were answered appropriately. i had gynecomastia surgery, abdominal liposuction and hair transplant all in 4 days with 3 days of recovery. I feel the job that he's did is comparable with the work of best surgeons from around the world and all that was provided with a cost that was considerably lower than what i would've paid in USA. His work speaks volumes on how skillful of a surgeon he really is. Being a medical student myself and having a first hand experience in working with surgeons in USA, I can say this with utmost confidence that i found Dr. Turker to be a better surgeon that most of the surgeons that i have worked with in the past.

I have assisted in countless surgeries in different hospitals in USA as a med student. He is well versed in his profession and i noticed that he is always trying to better his abilities by actively participating in research and teaching related to his field. Immediately Post op, I had access to Dr. Turker and miss Didem 24/7 till the day i left Turkey. they visited me multiple times each day at my hotel after my procedure and monitored my recovery very closely. i sincerely felt that they provided me with the highest level of medical care possible. they were there to answer all the questions that i had plus more so, they showed compassion and moral support. I have returned to US and have resumed my daily life, i am still in touch with Dr. Turker and he continues to monitor my progress and is easily accessible via phone or email. Ms. Didem Ozyigit also is an amazing person, she is very helpful and accommodating. she even assisted me when i wanted to go sightseeing. In the end, i just want to say that i had my reservations about going abroad for my procedures but Dr. Turker's team made me feel welcome and in the end i am quite satisfied with the overall experience.

Jan 2014


Very happy with everything

Were you pleased with the treatment?The healing goes very well, as Dr. Turker also established. I'm very happy with the results and I'm absolutely convinced I made a good choice to do the operation. Furthermore I very much appreciate the caring and personal but professional interaction you offer with Harmonia.

If there's a client now and then, coming for the same operation I did, it's no problem for me to tell them about my experiences...

At the time it would have been of great comfort for me, so I'm happy to help out to comfort some future clients..

I wish you and Dr. Turker all the best on both personal and professional level.

Nicol C. � Netherlands
17 Oct 13

Laser treatment

I have had a very positive experience with Dr. Ozyigit and his team at Harmonia. I had a laser treatment 11 days ago and already notice improvements in fine lines and elasticity. I expect further improvements as time progresses. I found the clinic while searching online. I have been treated like a VIP from the beginning. They continue to monitor my follow-up care. I would highly recommend Dr. Ozyigit and his clinic to anyone looking for the latest techniques in cosmetic procedures.

Sonya J. � US

Botox injection

My experience yesterday was very good. I have not had this proceedure before and Dr. Turker made me feel very comfortable and confident about it. I would definitely recomend Dr. Turker to others.

Cristie F. � Austraia
Oct, 2012

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

Hi Didem,

I would like to thank you so much for all of your help. For so many years (28 to be exact) of my life I struggled with my weight. I have always been very active, in dance and after school activities, As an adult I would even go to the gym for 2 hours or more (plus I would walk to the gym) twice a day. But the weight never would come off. I seen a friend that was a lot heavier then I ever was and I asked her how she lost her weight, she told me she had a Gastric Bypass. I struggled with the thought of ever getting this surgery. I knew I was over weight but I just never believed I was over weight enough to get this surgery. Then I finally decided to go for it. I emailed several Hospitals, between the US, Dubai and Turkey. The responses I received back from the US were not only expensive but that I would need months of therapy before I could ever be even thought of for the surgery, which angered, saddened me and other mixed feelings. I was a little scared to have surgery over seas as I have already went down that road when I had a Tummy tuck back in 2011. The Dr did a horrible job and I now have a horrible scar. He should have never agreed to do that surgery for me, rather he should have suggested for me to lose more weight or to have weight loss surgery.

I received responses back from both Dubai and 2 places in Turkey, Harmonia being one of them. Harmonia was the only one to recommend me to get the gastric sleeve as apposed to the full bypass, also the only one to answer all of my questions. At that time I have never heard of the surgery and began looking up all of the info I could find on it. Watching tons of videos and testimonies on YouTube, getting feed back from some family and my best friend Omer, I decided this was the best choice for me. Harmonia was so amazing. Every question I have ever had, until this day, I receive not only an answer but a full detailed answer with more info for other questions that would stem off of the answer to the questions I had in the beginning. Harmonia has been very helpful through the full process.

When I made it to Turkey in August of 2012 for my surgery, Harmonia not only was there to greet me, but made me feel so comfortable and welcome. Didem and her husband and son took me, Omer and my Aunt Lacee out to dinner, since my bday would be shortly after my surgery and I wouldn't get to have a nice cake or anything. It was so nice of them to make that gesture. On the 27th of August I went in for my final check up before the surgery. I weighed 104 Kilo/ 233 lbs a L-XL in shirts and 16-18 in pants. On the 28th of Aug I had my surgery, when I went into the room Didem from harmonia was there to send me off, along with my Fam. And they were ALL there when I woke up.

The 1st day was a little hard just because of the anesthetics and what have you, but the rest was a piece of cake. I was thirsty, and I couldn't drink any water because they wanted my stomach to have time to heal and what have you. On the 7th day they made me drink this HORRRIBLE blue liquid (just thinking about it makes me grossed out) so they can do a MRI on my stomach to make sure there were no leaks or anything. I was good to go so they took out my drain tubes (which hurt more then ANYTHING! It literally felt like they were sucking my insides out threw a straw!) and was able to leave the hospital. I didn't have much pain after that, some large discomfort of course, but not much PAIN.

It has been a little over 6 months and I am down to 71 Kilo/ 158 lbs a S-M in shirts and size 6 in Pants. It was the best decision I have ever made, besides starting to date my best friend Omer and now being engaged to him :). Since then Harmonia has been so helpful. Omer's sister got very sick and Harmonia didn't even think twice about helping us every time. They have become very friends and will hopefully be coming to our wedding.

If you are thinking about using Harmonia I highly suggest that you don't even think twice about it. Didem will take perfect care of you from beginning until forever. She will recommend only the best in Surgeons.

Thank you soooo much Harmonia for changing my life!


Erica D. � US
Aug 2012

I requested a Botox treatment while staying in Istanbul. The follow up was swift, 2 days later I was at the Clinic having the treatment. Dr. Turker is highly skilled and very friendly. The assistance from Didem was immaculate and everything was in a friendly atmosphere. Needless to say that I am very happy about the result and I am a returning customer. And the prices are reasonable. I will recommend the services from Harmonia.

- Nanna from Denmark

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