Upper Lip Lift Surgery

  • Length
    1 hr
  • Type
  • Anaesthesia
    Local anesthesia
  • Hospital Stay
    0 day
  • Days Required in IstanbulTotal Recovery
    3 days
  • Total Recovery
    3-5 days
  • All-Inclusive Cost

Enhance Your Upper Lip With Upper Lip Lift Surgery in Turkey

Upper lip lift is an aesthetic plastic surgery procedure to enhance the length and shape of the upper lift. There are a number of factors that can lead to the loss of lip plumpness, making your upper lift appear imbalanced in light of your overall facial features. This aesthetically undesirable condition is also referred to as Long Upper Lip Syndrome.

Genetics, aging, environmental factors, and hormonal imbalances usually take toll on our upper lips, making them appear saggy and hanging. The upper lip lift, is a very effective procedure to treat saggy, loose, disproportionate, and poorly shaped upper lips.

In light of this surgery, when we say the upper lip, it refers to the area between the nose’s central pole and the rosy-pink area of the lip. For your upper lip to appear proportional and aesthetically appealing, this area should generally be between 12 to 15 millimeters. However, it can be different depending on your facial features. If your upper lift is substantially above 15 millimeters, it has an abnormal length and needs to be corrected through the bull horn upper lip lift surgery.

When to Consider Upper Lip Lift Surgery?

You should consider the upper lip lift if:

  • Your upper lip appears to be too long for your lower face.
  • The dimension of your upper lip in the perpendicular direction looks similar in length to the lower lip-chin.
  • You aim to achieve more harmony and stability between your upper and lower lips.
  • You have a longer upper lip that is blocking your teeth to a greater extent when you smile.
  • You have insufficient incisor show.

How is Upper Lip Lift Surgery Performed?

The upper lip lift surgery can be performed as both inpatient and outpatient procedure under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. During the procedure, your plastic surgeon will remove the excess skin from the upper lift, so its vertical length could be decreased. To do this, your surgeon may place an incision along the lip roll and excise a tiny part of the skin, using the subnasale upper lip lift technique or the more popular inner nose incision method.

The subnasal upper lip lift involves placing an incision below the nose until it meets the upper lip. The upper end of the incision would trail the natural outline of the lip below the nose. On the other hand, the lower end helps provide an estimation of the amount of skin that needs to be excised. The excess skin will then be excised.

Next, the cut ends will be joined together, which will raise the upper lip. The plastic surgeon will then apply the suture and close the incision. The edges of the skin are then accurately arranged to make sure that the incisions are less noticeable. The bad news is that this technique leaves behind excessive scarring.

Scarless Upper Lip Lift Surgery

There is also a third option, Scarless Upper Lip Lift which involves placing of the incision inside the nose and performing the procedure from within the nose. At Harmonia Surgical Tourism, Turkey, laser technology is sued as part of the procedure, because it involves minimum downtime, bleeding, and scarring. This option comes with additional benefits, including completely invisible scar. The tip of the nose may also be raised to make you aesthetically more appealing, which is another great advantage of this technique. The aesthetic improvements achieved through this technique are also relatively better. Another benefit of this method is that it is performed under local anesthesia.

Candidacy for Upper Lip Lift

If you are not happy with the length, contour, or shape of your upper lip, you may qualify for the upper lift surgery. However, to be a good candidate for the procedure, you must be in good health. Also, your aesthetic goals and expectations must be reasonable and realistic. If you are suffering from any medical issue or are taking certain medications, you must share this information with your doctor during the initial consultation.

If you are unable to visit Turkey from abroad or another city for an in-person consultation, our aesthetic plastic surgeons can determine your candidacy for the procedure by simply looking at some pictures of your lips and overall facial features.

Why Choose Us

Hamonia Surgical Tourism specializes in arranging surgical tourism to Istanbul, Turkey. We are highly experienced in facilitating patients from around the world to avail the Upper Lip Lift in Turkey. We have very experienced, skilled, and board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeons to undertake the procedure. Harmonia Surgical Tourism has so far successfully arranged surgical tourism for clients from 41 countries. Most of our clients come to Turkey for aesthetic plastic surgery, and we keep no stone unturned in making sure that they return home safe, and with impressive, natural aesthetic appearances.

Here are some reasons why you should choose us to organize your tour to Turkey for the bull horn upper lip lift procedure:

  • Harmonia Surgical Tourism has several years of experience in organizing surgical tours to Turkey for clients coming from different countries of the world, including Europe, Canada, and USA.
  • Our team of doctors comprises board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeons, highly experienced and trained in performing the bull horn upper lip lift.
  • We source only the top quality and FDA approved surgical equipment and technologies, including laser technology.
  • We never stop improving our technologies and procedures.
  • Turkey is a very friendly, accommodating, and diverse country. We will make sure that your stay in Turkey is safe and you take away memorable experiences from our country.
  • The aesthetic improvements achieved through Harmonia Surgical Tourism’s bull horn upper lip lift surgery are lifelong and unmatched.
  • We provide you a total solution, meaning that you’ll be cared for the moment you land in Turkey until you leave for your home.
  • We will arrange your airport pick up and drop off, hotel transfer, hotel accommodation, and hospital travel.
  • We go to greater lengths to ensure your privacy and respect your culture.
  • Our staff and doctors will pay individual attention to you.

We use laser technology in most of our procedures, which means that you would achieve excellent aesthetic improvements, experience minimum downtime, get minimum scars, and recovery fairly quickly, with very little risks and side effects.

In order to book a consultation for the bull horn upper lip lift surgery, you may call our Istanbul office at . You can also use this online consultation form to initiate the consultation process.