Online Consultation

HARMONIA knows very well that the decision for having or not having a surgery is a very serious and personal one to make. Besides, having this operation abroad is much more sensitive than one in homeland.

We would like you to get most out of your free online consultation report which will be prepared by the specialist surgeon in interested field of medicine. Please be sure to concentrate on what you'd like to correct in your body instead of the procedure as there may be alternative options better suit your need. All your submitted information first reviewed by our Medical Director and you'll be contacted if any missing or additional information needed. The submitted form and any correspondences with you will be kept strictly confidential and not shared with anyone other than the assigned doctor to your case.

Please kindly use this form to submit all necessary information for your online consultation to get;

  • More realistic pricing information about your special case
  • The most out of your consultation
  • The most out of all our services we may provide to you

Alternatively, you may call our Istanbul office @ or UK office @ to send you the medical questionaire to fill in for an online consultation.