Surgical Tourism Guide

Welcome to Harmonia Surgical Tourism, Istanbul Turkey. We are pleased to offer you the most innovative medical treatments at best prices. By choosing us, you join hundreds of other visitors from various international destinations benefiting from our expertise in cosmetic surgery.

The team of experts at Harmonia Surgical Tourism is committed to delivering the best services in aesthetic surgery, laser treatments, cosmetology, cosmetic dentistry, bariatric surgery, hair transplantation, and plastic reconstructive surgery.

We focus on you, and our primary aim is to provide you with the finest medical services and top quality facilities so that you will always remember our friendly, warm and relaxed ambience.

Your personalized care begins when you first contact our clinic for consultation. You can discuss your available options and ask any questions you might have about the expected results and recommended surgical procedures. Our experts will guide you through the entire process before and after treatment. You can also ask our experts for recommendations tailored to your personal needs.

At Harmonia Surgical Tourism, we believe that your surgery experience should be pleasant and stress-free. We strive to give you complete satisfaction and our experts do their best to give you impressive results. Yes, if you need help with any cosmetic enhancement, we focus exclusively on providing you with outstanding plastic surgery results.

You will receive a detailed step-by-step guide outlining your procedure right from the start. We want to look and feel exceptional and this is why our dedicated and compassionate team is fully equipped to ease your problems and address any concerns should you have.

Harmonia Surgical Tourism ensures that every procedure is the very best in terms of service, care and more importantly, the total treatment cost.

Following is what you can expect from Harmonia Surgical Tourism and our expert team of doctors and surgeons:

  1. Our easy to navigate and informative website can give you detailed information about the procedures you are interested in.
  2. If you need any help with recommendations, our personal online consultation can make your decision making process easier.
  3. One of our team members will facilitate the exchange of relevant medical information between you and our Medical Director followed by the 'best price' quote.
  4. We believe that surgical procedures should ensure highest level of comfort and safety. This is evident in our pre and post surgery care and attention to detail.
  5. Our concise information pack will be tailored to meet your specific procedure needs and after care requirements.
  6. Our payment system is organized for medical tourists coming abroad ‐ all credit cards, debit cards, American Express cards are valid with no bank commission, all are same as cash payments if you prefer to use. For all your payments, you receive an invoice with all your medical documentations as well.
  7. You can easily access your treatment records and personal information files through our highly secure online communication system. This system allows you to access your records anytime you want ‐ 24/7 at any device.
  8. The team at Harmonia Surgical Tourism is looking forward to welcoming you in our state of the art clinic with exceptional comfort and modern technology. We believe that with our outstanding care and medical expertise, you will be able to achieve your surgical goals with ease.

For more information, feel free to contact us.