Laser Lipolysis

  • Length
    1-3 hrs
  • Type
  • Anaesthesia
  • Hospital Stay
    1 days
  • Days Required in Istanbul
    7-10 days
  • Total Recovery
    10-14 days
  • All-Inclusive Cost

Liposuction has never been a skin tightening operation, but laser lypolysis not only remove fat but also tighten skin.

Benefits Of Laser-Assisted Lipolysis:

  • Skin tightening
  • Smoother skin: less contour deformities, however secondary liposuction irregularities are corrected, also reduces the sellulitis
  • Faster healing: less bruising, pain, blood loss and swelling
  • Less downtime: patients return to work in a few days according to the area treated, a lot of the can go to work the same day
  • Contour deformities and smaller treatment areas are easly addressed: with laser-lypolysis both visible and tactile contour deformities caused by other liposuction methods can be treated in a faster time. The benefit is derived from the fat and dermal selective wavelenght. Selective photothermolysis frees the lipids contained in adipose tissue for easy aspiration. The result is less body trauma and significant fat removal and dermal heating. The heating of dermal tissue has been shown to have skin tightening results
  • Less operation time, so less anesthesia time, and postoperartive pain
  • Especially the operations where a long incision for skin removal is traditionally done including gynecomastia and upper arms are treated without scar
  • Less blood loss or mechanical damage: just gentle thermal melting through laser-assisted lipolysis. The selective fat melting allows to treat multiple areas- even larger areas- leaving smooth skin
  • It can be used anywhere where the laxity of the skin becomes a problem