Plastic Reconstructive Surgery


Cleft Lip and Palate Surgery

  • Length
    1-3 hrs
  • Type
  • Anaesthesia
  • Hospital Stay
    3 days
  • Days Required in Istanbul
    7 days
  • Total Recovery
    7-10 days
  • All-Inclusive Cost



The human hand is an intricate instrument that is both tough and delicate. Its functions of sensations and motion allow us to experience and control the world around us.

One in three industrial or home accidents involves injury to the hand. The restoration of hand function after injury or disease is a gratifying experience for the hand surgeon.


Is the plastic surgeon certified?

The ISAPS website lists the names and addresses of over 1,900 certified plastic surgeons in 90 countries.

HARMONIA chooses the best Plastic Surgeons in Turkey who are also ISAPS members which means a worldwide certification.

Revision Aesthetic Surgery

Coming soon