Patient Safety

Surgery Abroad – Minimizing Risks & Concerns

HARMONIA gladly answers any questions regarding risk minimization and surgery abroad:

We are completely dedicated to providing safety and security to each of our patients. Having travelled from all over the world, our clients trust and put their full faith in our operations to satisfy their medical needs – we hold ourselves tothe best in quality standards, while maintaining reasonable pricing.

We are fully aware of our responsibility to maximize patient safety, which is why we work to continuously implement new strategies in taking our company to the next level.

Harmonia values all written material on medical tourism abroad, and routinely reviews all relevant, published work in detail, in order to find the answers needed to operate at the absolute highest level.

Frequently Asked Questions compiled from the most trusted medical tourism websites. We also added HARMONIA solutions for each question, through which you may kindly find the benefits working with us for all of your medical needs.

Harmonia Patient Communication System

Nothing good comes from barriers. In fact, it's safe to say that while nothing good comes from barriers, it's almost certain that barriers between doctor and patient lead to limited knowledge and detrimental results. For a full and complete care experience, patients need to be able to reach their doctor at all times, and doctors need to have the peace of mind in knowing their patients are comfortable and confident during their healing process. This is why HARMONIA employs a Secure & Private Patient Communication System (H-PaCS).

Specifically, it erases barriers and removes any potential for harmful post-op errors, allowing both doctor and patient to converse and interact as if they were sitting in the very same room together. Providing a secure portal that allows both parties to share documents, pictures and medical forms, this secure portal also establishes immediate lines of communication through instant messaging and web conferencing abilities.

Additionally, any complications or necessary aftercare processes can be monitored directly by the doctor – all while the patient recovers in confidence, knowing their doctor is always reachable. Acting as a secure and reliable link between doctor and patient regardless of geographic location, this system provides peace of mind for all parties involved.

Surgery Shield - A Specialized Complication Insurance for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

ISAPS Insurance

While we fully stand behind our methods and procedures, some surgeries may result in patient complications – this is an unfortunate fact for any patient in any hospital across the world. For that reason, HARMONIA promotes surgeons having an insurance coverage to guard against the risk of potential complication* through Surgery Shield**, which is exclusive to ISAPS member plastic surgeons.

To put it simply, Surgery Shield gives patients options during times of need. In the unfortunate event of post-op complications from surgery abroad, patients have the option to undergo remedial or corrective surgery by an ISAPS certified surgeon in their home country – regardless of complication severity. In addition, if the patient chooses, he or she can return to Istanbul for the required corrective procedure and the insurance would cover the costs of surgery.*

By providing flexibility in the way patient complications are handled, Surgery Shield offers an extra layer of care that perfectly complements the personal touch of each and every HARMONIA procedure.

Please check the Surgery Shield logo in Surgeon’s profile to see if covered by this policy.

* limited to insurance policy coverage.

** Surgery Shield is provided by Sure Insurance Services in the UK. Their international Surgery Shield product is ISAPS Insurance for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and the policy is only available to ISAPS member surgeons to cover complications that arise after surgery which protects patients against additional costs.

Medical Travel Shield

Harmonia understands that even the most premium of medical experiences is judged to be only as good as its weakest aspect. For that reason, we have gone to great lengths to make certain that ALL facets of your medical event are the best they can possibly be – aiming for an end-to-end, positive experience before, during, and after surgery.
So it should be comforting to know that we partner with Medical Travel Shield to provide maximum protection and comfort for our patients. Designed to cover those travelling abroad for dental treatments or cosmetic or elective surgeries, Medical Travel Shield protects against a variety of circumstances, including, but not limited to:

  • Covering non-refundable treatment deposits, if you cancel or delay your trip.
  • Contributing to accommodations and flights if your recovery period is longer than anticipated.
  • Contributing to consultation fees and medications if you need treatment for post-op complications.
  • Contributing to your trip home if you need to return within 12 months to correct unsuccessful surgery.

With all of this, always be sure to first check your standard travel insurance before opting for any cosmetic procedure. However, please note that most will not protect you if you are going abroad for treatment, which is why Harmonia offers coverage from Medical Travel Shield – ensuring your health and peace of mind with any elected medical treatment.

Medical Travel Shield