Microdentistry & Laser Periodontology

Periodontitis is an infectious disease caused by a set of bacteria. The microorganisms invade the support structure of the teeth causing a chronic inflammation. The gums, boney tissue, periodontal ligament are affected and suffers damage that could be different with stimulus being equal, and is dependent on the different immune responses of each individual. In time, the development of periodontitis could cause a loss of teeth.

The first visible signs are generally seen in the gums: bleeding, recession (uncovered roots), and continue with one or more teeth shaking, and their change of position.

In today’s world, the microscope and laser technologies are highly improved and that it is possible to cure the periodontitis without resorting to surgery.

While the microscope allows the treatment of roots without performing an open surgery of the gums, the laser permits the elimination of pathogen bacteria even in areas which cannot be reached with drugs.

Open surgery of the gums

  • It does not radically eliminate pathogen bacteria, healing incomplete with the possibility of relapse.
  • It assumes the execution of endodontic and prosthetic treatments (devitalization, bridges and crowns)
  • It may leave the roots uncovered, creating noticeable aesthetic damage and problems of sensitivity
  • It has difficulty to control the following types of periodontitis: juvenile, aggressive, and particularly those defined as resistant to therapy

Advantages of non-invasiveLaser treatment

  • Anesthesia is not needed
  • It immediately eliminates the bleeding of the gums
  • It has a greater index of success
  • It reduces and/or eliminates movement of teeth
  • It seals surgical pockets
  • It regenerates periodontal tissues: bones and ligaments
  • It eliminates the discomfort of surgery
  • It allows for an easy solution in cases of relapse
  • It reduces biological costs
  • It reduces economic costs

So it has great benefits to International Comers

  1. Quick healing before implant surgery – lowering the surgical and accommodation costs
  2. No downtime, no waiting period to heal before implant surgery
  3. No surgery preparation needed
  4. No bleeding
  5. More time for enjoying the city