Laser Vulvo-vaginal Treatments

Mona Lisa Touch –New Technology Vulvo Vaginal Laser Reshaping

Only Demand the Best for Your Inner Harmony

MonaLisa Touch™ helps you regain yourself-confidence and rediscover sexual enjoyment with your partner. By acting gently on the tissues of the vaginal mucosa, the laser stimulates the production of collagen, improving the performance of the treated area and re-establishing the mucosa’s correct trophic balance.

If you want to rediscover the harmony of your femininity naturally and quickly, don’t hesitate, speak to you physician about MonaLisa Touch™ today.

Your Intimate Life Is Also Affected by the Passage of Time

Changes that have an impact on your quality of life

The slow, relentless passing of time causes significant functional and structural changes to all the organs of your body, including your genitals.

The loss of turgidity and hydration of your genitals’ tissue causes a reduction in vaginal lubrication giving rise to discomfort, vulvar itching, dryness, a sense of heaviness, and even pain during intercourse.

In conditions of genital hypotrophy and with a gradual reduction in the collagen fibres, the vagina loses its elasticity and the mucosa, which is therefore less hydrated and vascularised, becomes thinner and slacker.

That feeling of discomfort, linked to the sudden drop in estrogenic hormones when nearing menopause can have a negative effect on your general wellbeing and in man cases, on your personal relationships as well.

The First Natural Technique for Treating Hypotrophy of the Vaginal Mucosa

While in the past this type of operation was only conceivable in case of serious diseases, today more and more women are asking their physician for treatments designed to improve the tone and functionality of their genitals in order to enhance their quality of life.

The purpose of these mini-invasive treatments is to overcome vaginal slackness and associated symptoms as naturally and painlessly as possible, by exploiting similar methods to those used to slow down aging and the signs of the time in delicate facial areas.

Women who choose to improve their vaginal tone are able to regain their femininity with confidence and tranquillity, thus forgetting those imperfections that can cause embarrassing moments in their everyday life and personal relationships.

The New Frontier In Vulvo-Vaginal Treatments

MonaLisa Touch™ is the best natural and mini-invasive solution to counteract the effects of aging in the gynaecological field.

This innovative and painless treatment remodels the vaginal mucosa, correcting its loss of volume and restoring hydration and elasticity without the side effects of pharmacological therapies and traditional surgery.

Deka’s Dot Therapy: Total Tissue Regeneration

MonaLisa Touch™ employs an innovative laser controlled by a computerised system (exclusive DEKA technology) that effectively regenerates the fibres weakened by age while inducing the production of new collagen.

One of the most advanced vaginal photorejuevenation techniques, MonaLisa Touch™ is beyond compare in terms of safety and effectiveness, the result of a specific technology specially designed by a world leader in this sector