Buttock Reshaping

  • Length
    3-5 hrs
  • Type
  • Anaesthesia
  • Hospital Stay
    3-4 days
  • Days Required in Istanbul
    7 days
  • Total Recovery
    2-3 weeks
  • All-Inclusive Cost


Buttock reshaping is a surgical procedure to improve the shape, size and appearance of the buttock area.

The buttock can be lifted; reduced or augmented depending on the desired effect. There are different techniques, which can be used alone or in combination. The choice of treatment depends on your specific goals, the shape and size of your body and your skin quality.

  • Buttock Reduction uses liposuction to reduce and reshape the buttocks. The outer part of the buttock is suctioned away to give the impression of a smaller shaped buttock, whereas the central projection is maintained
  • Buttock Augmentation adds fullness and projection to a flat or small buttocks using implants and/or fat taken from another part of the body (see fat transfer). Implants are the preferred method in case there is no sufficient excess fat in another part of the body. The specific implants are made of semi-rigid silicone and are specifically designed for the buttock area
  • Buttock Lifting reshapes a sagging buttock by removing excess skin and fat. By performing this technique, the remaining skin and tissues are also lifted and pulled together. With this operation, buttocks become tighter and gain a smoother effect.


1-5 hours


General or Epidural (numbs from the waist down)



1 night stay

Possible side effects & Risks

Overall buttock reshaping is a safe procedure and complications are uncommon. However, like all cosmetic procedures there are risks involved. There are general risks associated with surgery as well as risks specific to this procedure. Your surgeon will discuss these with you during your consultation. These include infection, implant displacement, fluid collection, scarring and a “lop-sided” appearance. Where fat grafting is used, the precise amount of fat needed is difficult to judge – the skill of the surgeon is very important. Other rare problems include nerve damage, reaction to anaesthesia and blood clots.


Scars following a reduction or augmentation procedure are typically very small and/or well hidden (e.g. in the buttock crease). Scars are more of an issue with a buttock lift, which normally involves a long cut across the upper buttock (it may also extend around the sides and possibly onto the front). Underwear can usually hide the scar. Where sagging is minimal, an alternative incision pattern is used resulting in a smaller scar located in the buttock crease.


Time off work for 2 weeks or longer (depends on the extent of sitting involved)

Recover for daily activities in 4-6 weeks butfull recovery from swelling may take several months.

(For reshaping using liposuction only, see liposuction)

Brazilian Buttock Lift