Breast Reduction with Liposuction

  • Length
    2-3 hrs
  • Type
  • Anaesthesia
  • Hospital Stay
    1 days
  • Days Required in Istanbul
    3 days
  • Total Recovery
    5 days
  • All-Inclusive Cost

Called as Scarless Breast Reduction, it is performed with the assistance of laser liposuction to tighten the skin as well to get the same shape with 1-2 sizes down.

The main benefits of this surgery are;

  1. No scar
  2. Quick healing
  3. Same shape with tightened skin with laser assisted liposuction
  4. Best treatment for young girls had no babies as it protects the milk channels and can have the ability to breastfeed after surgery
  5. It is also the best surgical technique to elderly women having difficulty with their backbones, severe pain but have limitations due to their health issues to go into a long surgery with post-op care
  6. Resume work at 7th day with no difficulty