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Smartlipo Neck Laser Lipolysis

Your neck and chin can make the most dramatic change in your appearance. Surprisingly removing even the tiniest amount of fat from the neck can make all the difference in the world. When you remove excess fat from the neck, you get better facial proportions and a more defined jaw line.

Your Neck is Prone to Fat Accumulation

It is seen that your neck and chin are particularly prone to fat accumulation. It is also important to understand that weight gain due to obesity, and age can also affect your neck and chin. Some people also complain that the loose and sagging skin around the neck makes their facial feature look bad.

Neck Contouring with Smartlipo

Neck and body sculpting and contouring with Smartlipo is now becoming one of the most common cosmetic surgeries worldwide. More and more people are now opting for the minimally invasive Smartlipo treatment because they can now remove the excessive fat around the neck permanently without trying different diet and exercise plans.

At Harmonia, our experts and staff are committed to helping you achieve the goals of self improvement you have in mind. We offer you the best Smartlipo neck liposuction with the best possible aesthetic outcome. More importantly, our procedures are completely safe and we try our level best to maintain the gold standards for patient safety and comfort.

How Can Smartlipo Help You?

Smartlipo is an innovative method that allows you to reduce unwanted fat from the neck. Perhaps the best thing about this treatment is that it allows more skin tightening while extracting the excessive fat from under your skin.

Usually Smartlipo procedures are painless and have short recovery periods. Fast healing ensures that you are back to your normal life within 24 to 48 hours. The Smartlipo neck liposuction process starts with preparing the skin for fat removal.

Laser beam is passed through a fine needle type cannula and all you require is 2 or 3 tiny incision on your skin. You will feel a slight sense of warmth as laser passes into your fat cells and liquefies the fat in the treated area. The heat produced by the laser is what is responsible to boost natural collagen production and this leads to tightening of the skin in the treated area.

The instrument used in Smartlipo neck lipolysis is tiny and it doesn't create intense pain like the larger instruments used in the traditional liposuction process. After the incision, our expert will use laser to extract the fat from your neck. This process is considerably pain free and is usually performed under local or general anesthesia depending on your specific medical needs.

The minimum invasive procedure ensures that you don't end up with severe bruising or the need of stitches. Our experts will advise you about the after care when you contact us for the procedure.

Who is a Good Candidate for Smartlipo?

Anyone who wants to get rid of the unwanted fatty deposits in the neck can consider Smartlipo. To know more about the treatment and address any questions you may have, schedule a consultation with our experts.

Dr Turker Ozyigit - Harmonia Surgical Tourism
Dr Turker Ozyigit - Harmonia Surgical Tourism Dr Turker Ozyigit - Harmonia Surgical Tourism
Dr Turker Ozyigit - Harmonia Surgical Tourism
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