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Frequently Asked Questions

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – Faq's

Physical Consultation

What is the surgeon's training?

A gynecologist performing a breast augmentation or a dermatologist doing a face lift are not an appropriate choices.

The role of HARMONIA starts at this step to find the best surgeons in their specialized fields of interest with credentials support their qualifications. HARMONIA checks the surgeon's credentials, memberships of associations in their specialized fields, number of cases, etc in timely manner.

Is the plastic surgeon certified?

The ISAPS website lists the names and addresses of over 1,900 certified plastic surgeons in 90 countries.

HARMONIA chooses the best Plastic Surgeons in Turkey who are also ISAPS members which means a worldwide certification.

Is the plastic surgeon’s facility certified?

Ask for certification information and who the certifying body is.

In Turkey, the certifying body is the Ministry of Health of Turkish Republic after a Plastic Surgeon receives his authorization to perform his specialty in medicine. Harmonia is top of this issue to be sure of the Professional with necessary authorizations and certifications.

Does your personal health insurance cover you outside your country?

Most health insurance providers do not cover individuals for surgery performed outside their own country. Consider obtaining International Medical Coverage that may be available through your insurance agent.

HARMONIA works with Patients to find out the insurance coverages and be in touch with your insurance company for the availability of your coverage for network hospitals or clinic when needed.

What about aftercare?

Patients should stay in the area where the surgery was performed for at least one week, depending on the procedure. Find out in advance where you will stay and if this facility is prepared to care for your post operative needs.

HARMONIA provides the best hospitals in Turkey with a minimum accreditation of ISO 9000 (JCI accreditation would be a plus for most of the hospitals in our network).

All the surgical operations are performed in fully equipped and accreditted hospitals with 5* hotel comfort as as a plus benefit.

As having a Plastic Surgeon in the Board of Directors of HARMONIA, we are fully aware of the importance of "aftercare" and we provide the best service standards in our network hospitals by monitoring the facilities periodically and having feedbacks from our patients.

As an additional asset, HARMONIA employed a Secure & Private Patient Communication System for especially post operative care of Patients after returning home. The system provides ease of communication and sharing information between Patients and assigned Surgeons.

What about complications?

What doctor will care for you at home if you have complications and who will pay for secondary or revision procedures?

HARMONIA brings the best quality aftercare service with the Harmonia Patient Communication System (H-PaCS) used by Patients and assigned Surgeons in Turkey. The system also accepts family doctors or any specialist Patient would like to have aftercare in home country if needed who may also in contact with the Surgeon.

In case of complication, HARMONA works with Plastic Surgeons having SURGERY SHIELD, an ISAPS Insurance for covering complications of ISAPS member Plastic Surgeons. Although the policy is in the name of the surgeons, the coverage is all about patient complications. With this valuable policy on hand, our Patients would choose to have the secondary operations at homeland (as well as choosing to come to Istanbul again) by an ISAPS member Plastic Surgeon with no costs of surgery. This brings a comprehensive value to our operations in medical tourism business as we are sure that our patients will satisfy our services in all aspects.

Do the key personnel at the surgeon's office speak your language fluently?

If you cannot be easily understood, be prepared for complications.

HARMONIA prouds of bilingual staff from the Board of Directors through Patient Coordinators. HARMONIA may also provide bilingual assistants to Patients coming alone on demand.

With whom are you communicating?

You should be talking directly with the doctor's staff and the doctor. A travel agent should only make travel and accommodations arrangements.

HARMONIA is a Surgical Tourism Facilitator who specialized in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Cosmetology, Cosmetic Laser treatments, Bariatric Surgery and Aesthetic Dentistry with a Board of Directors having credentials in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Beauty Therapy with International Management Masters. HARMONIA is not a travel agent however may help Patients on accomodation and travel needs as a professional service on demand in Harmonia Packages.

Is the surgeon a member of recognized national and international societies?

ISAPS membership is by invitation and is granted to applicants only after extensive screening.

HARMONIA have an ISAPS member Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon who is the Medical Director of the company and also member of the Board of Directors.

HARMONIA established the company network of Plastic Surgeons in the best surgeons in their specialized fields of interest and ISAPS (or at same level of international association) membership is an asset.

Have you checked for references?

Ask for names and contact information of patients who have recently had a similar procedure and contact them about their experience with the surgeon, their staff, aftercare facilities and post-operative follow up.

HARMONIA monitors and reviews each and every patient testimonial of our network proffessionals, clinics and hospitals. In case of requested by our Patients, we may provide the contact details of patients who let us share such information.

Dr Turker Ozyigit - Harmonia Surgical Tourism
Dr Turker Ozyigit - Harmonia Surgical Tourism Dr Turker Ozyigit - Harmonia Surgical Tourism
Dr Turker Ozyigit - Harmonia Surgical Tourism
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